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  Midwifery Services

    From the first stirrings of your pregnancy journey to the precious newborn babymoon I can walk along side you and offer counsel and care. Home birth midwifery care includes prenatal visits either in your home or at my office, full labor support, birth attendance, newborn care and six weeks of in home postpartum care for mother and baby. A typical prenatal lasts 1 hour and includes monitoring of all vitals, routine labwork, discussion of nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding and baby care plus lots of time for discussing questions and emotional aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

  Well Woman Care

    Well woman care includes physical exams, paps and breast exams, pregnancy tests, nutritional and herbal counseling, fertility awareness method education and support. A typical appointment lasts 1 hour and includes lots of time for questions and discussion. Midwifery training includes the full scope of normal women's health so it is ideal for healthy women seeking screening and advice to help prevent disease processes. If any abnormal results are found I can refer you to a gynecologist or other appropriate specialist.

  Placenta Encapsulation

    Nature designed a wonderful medicine to help mothers through post birth transition. It's called placenta and every mother makes one. The vast majority of mammals and all other primates consume this amazing organ after giving birth. Many human cultures also participate in placentophagy. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used placenta to treat milk insufficiency and post-partum hemorrhage for centuries, and recently western medicine has begun to recognize the many benefits of placentophagy. Recycling this nutritious organ back into your body can help regulate milk production, speed up recovery time, reduce your risk of developing post-partum depression, and generally increase your sense of well-being. In 2010 I trained as an Encapsulation Specialist through Placenta Benefits Inc. and started making placenta capsules. Since then I have expanded my offerings to include Placenta Tincture and a Placenta Salve. I process all the placenta remedies in your home and follow FDA ad CDC guidelines for safely handling human blood products.

  Food Coordinator

    Wouldn't it be nice for hot nutritious food to just appear at your house so you can focus on being present with your baby? Send me the names, phone numbers and/email addresses of at least 7 of your friends and I will coordinate a months worth of meals for your family. Meals will take any and all food preferences/allergies/intolerances into account. This is another lovely gift.